Thursday, February 19, 2009

February Market

Hello and Welcome to the BFM blog,

It's been a busy winter for the Burlington Farmers Market. The winter market is going great. We are three markets into the winter with our fourth market coming up Saturday, February 21st. The community support has been awesome, thanks everyone for coming out in the cold. We are still working on getting the word out about the market. Sometimes it feels like the whole city has come out to the market, then a couple days later you'll meet someone who didn't even know there was a winter market. We need our Friends of the Market to help us get the word out. Tell your friends, post it to your blogs, bring your friends down on Saturday.

We also have a lot going on with the Summer Market. Our lease is up with the City of Burlington and we are negotiating our new contract with the Mayor and Parks & Recreation Department. We are getting new applications everyday for a spot at the Summer Market. We wish we could accept everyone but that won't be possible. We have room for about 6 new vendors and so far we have 32 applications. If you would like any information about the Summer Market or the next Winter Market please feel free to contact the Market Manager through the BFM website.

See you all at the market.

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