Monday, May 12, 2008

Manager's First Market

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for a great first market. The weather was beautiful and it was inspiring to see all of the markets valued patrons come out to welcome us back to City Hall Park. I wanted to thank everyone for making my first market such a success. I look forward to working with everyone to make this the greatest year for the market. We have big plans for the BFM including bringing in 10 new vendors this year, working with local musicians to showcase their talents at the market and working with the city to discuss the growth of the market. I hope that anyone interested in joining the market, helping the market or discussing the market will stop by and see me some Saturday I'm always willing to hear good ideas. Thanks again. Chris Wagner

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Jason and Shana said...

Hey BFM peoples,
We had a blast and an excellent first week for the market! It felt really nice to get started again and everyone seemed to have a great time (and make wonderful sales - although we missed the asparagus, save some for us next week...)

Anyway, as a suggestion for the blog,there is a way to make it easy for people to subscribe to the blog and receive blog updates via emails. If you'd like, I can show someone how to set it up. As a benefit, the email service also has really cool additional statistical information...

see you all next weekend,
-Jason (and Shana and Micah Baer)