Sunday, May 18, 2008

New Vendors for 2008

Here are some pictures from the market this week!
Here's a special focus on the new vendors for 2008. Enjoy!
Christina & Kris from Fresh Tracks Farm. Be sure to take part in one of their wine tastings every Saturday!! They recently won International awards with 3 of their wines! Check out their website here for details.

Their Frontenac Gris and Vermont Rose.

And the Fresh Tracks Farm Sugarhouse Round Maple.

The folks at Crawford Family Farm showcasing their Vermont Ayr Cheese. Check
here for more great information about their cheese.

Some nice close-ups of their great labels.

The natural rind on their Vermont Ayr cheese.
Adam's Village Bakery.

His Dark Rye.

And the 3-seed loaf.

Danielle Griffin at Danielle's Dressings.

Danielle creates dressings from her own herbs and local in-season fruits.

A few of the selections perfect for all your salad needs!

Danielle also creates salad boquet wraps for lunch!

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